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Singapore, Singapore

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Singapore lives up to its reputation as a sparkling clean city with no litter. It has excellent urban design that incorporates lots of green with tons of open spaces. Singapore is both a city and a nation. It has a 4.8 million population. The city is 75-percent Chinese. The British influence is apparent from architecture to its form of government.

That said, there is a lot that is Orwellian and creepy about Singapore. It is Disney World with an iron fist. This is the place that caned an American teenager 15 years ago after he smashed out car windows. If you smoke, the fine is $1000. Drink on a bus or jaywalk, it can cost $500. Get caught in possession of drugs, they will hang you. Read that last sentence again.

Singapore has a reputation for free Internet, the best and fastest Internet in the world, but the Singapore government is nosy. To use that free internet, the Singapore government will want to know your passport number, your age, your home address, your phone numbers, and more. Singapore also blocks Internet sites, which means, besides missing your favorite porn sites, important business stuff can get blocked.

Then again, the subway system, like the city, is clean and efficient subway and shopping on Orchard Street among the best in the orient.

Don’t miss: Raffles, the famous hotel founded by the founder of Singapore, Stamford Raffles. Roam Raffles and enjoy – the hotel is a time warp and a colonial architectural masterpiece. Pay attention to the painted walls and check out the photographs on the walls. Then climb the stairs to the Long Bar and kick back a few Singapore Slings. Today the drinks are watered down, but in their day a couple of these and sailors often wound up in Bombay surrounded by people with tattoos and caressed by women they couldn’t remember meeting.

Finally, don’t miss the Shangri La Hotel where the powerful once gathered to carve up the orient, and where world leaders still regularly stop.

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