before you go … SHANGHAI

The World, Rebooted ®
Shanghai, China

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We’re not sure how well the Chinese are getting along with our American government these days. A visa for an American to enter China is four or five times that charged for other nationalities and getting one on your own is close to harassment. Best bet: go as part of a group and don’t try to do China on your own.

Shanghai is a feast. This is the biggest container port in the world (it has surpassed Singapore). It is being built at a frenetic pace and growing exponentially. The British controlled it for a century and built the Bund, a rich confection of 19th and early 20th century architecture. Shanghai has traditionally been a favorite of artists and its name even became a verb: To be “shanghaied” is to be gotten drunk and dragged onto a ship to work against your will.

Don’t miss: The Mag-Lev (Magnetic Levitation) train, a train that is levitated off its tracks by magnets and rockets only on air 22 miles from downtown to the airport – and does it in seven minutes at 300+ mph. The Bund built by traders, and where Shanghai justly gained its saucy reputation. Plus: rug makers, silk being woven, an Ikea store which a Chinese flair and much, much more. Shanghai is not a one day or two day fly-through.

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