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Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket, an island on the west side of Thailand, is a playground for Europeans who find fast and sometimes cheap flights directly into the spanking new Bangkok airport. The island sits north of the treacherous Malacca Strait which cruise ships have been known to run as quickly as possible at night in order to avoid the pirates and other mischief afoot in the area.

But Thailand itself, unlike its neighbors, has been relatively peaceful until the recent riots in Bangkok, and definitely prosperous.

That said, stepping onto the gorgeous Petong Beach it is hard not to remember that this was the site of a deadly tsunami several years ago. Several hundred thousand people died here after an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, including many Europeans vacationing here who were swept off Petong Beach and never seen again. Nothing on Petong Beach suggests the event ever happened.

This is an amiable place to spend a few days. Time shares and nearby hotels are sprouting quickly. Prices are modest and inexpensive quirky vehicles will run you around the island to a Buddhist Temple and shopping on the west side of the island.

In truth, besides relaxing and dining, there is not much to see in Phuket, but that’s the idea when vacationing, isn’t it? Phuket is a popular cruise ship destination so it is not hard to get to, and if you fly it is quite easy. It owes its popularity, however, not in what is to be seen, but because it because it is so conveniently located.

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Petong Beach with cruise ship at anchor

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