before you go … DUBAI

The World, Rebooted ®
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Currently 40 American war ships and four battle groups are defending the Strait of Hormuz (one-third of all the oil passes through here) adjacent to Dubai.

Dubai is hard to figure: Would you spend billions to build a new playground for the filthy rich with Iran as your northern neighbor, and when the world economy is tanking? What about those pirates just around the corner in Somalia? Then there’s the geography: Dubai sits on a flat beach. With just a little global warming the whole place will be under water and people will need fins to see it.

The leader of Dubai has spent his 5-million countrymen deeply into debt, and things may be unraveling. In March 2009, 3,000 foreign workers were sent home and almost all construction ground to a stop. That may have changed …

Still before it rusts away there’s a lot to see: Don’t miss the indoor ski slope, the $700 a night (and up) sail hotel and the islands shaped like the world. The Queen Elizabeth 2 is also here, parking at a dock, gutted and beginning to rust. With luck you even might see acton: Dubai is well placed to be ground zero in World War III.

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