before you go … CURACAO

The World, Rebooted ®
Willemstad, Curacao

Curacao is an easy ride by cruise ship from Florida and a popular cruise stop.

Willemstad, the cruise terminal, is a charmingly tidy place with a zany walking bridge that pivots and slides across the downtown river to open. When someone offers you a coupon on the street, take it. It is probably for one or more of the local Casinos who will hand you, for the asking, $3 American in hopes you’ll lose that, and then lose your shirt. It’s easy money unless you stick around and start gambling.

A new shopping mall is on the cruise ship dock, and you’ll have no trouble finding it because you’ll have to walk right through the middle of it — unless you dock in the middle of town – or unless you fly in.

The locals are friendly and all speak English, and they love Obama, even if you do not.

Don’t miss: The whacky 19th century Queen Emma Bridge in Willemstad, Curacao.

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