before you go … BERMUDA

Hamilton and the island of Bermuda are rich and it shows. Having grown fat on the reinsurance business, Bermuda is spic and span, well designed, bright and very tourist friendly. Cruise ships love this place. The big ships dock far away from Hamilton, the largest town, at the old Royal Navy Dockyard that has been re-purposed and spiffed up housing shops and, incongruously, the local jail.

Smaller ships just pull into downtown Hamilton itself after navigating a treacherously small channel that in centuries past has claimed many a ship and life.

Bermuda has some quirky stuff, including the world’s smallest drawbridge (six inches) which was designed so that sailboats could zip right through. It has not been used in years, but is always a stop for visitors. The bays on the south side of the island are gorgeous and plentiful, just minutes from downtown. Then too, who wouldn’t want to see one of the few remaining lighthouses made out of cast iron? Count the pieces and you’ll discover it took more than 200 chunks of cast iron to build this thing, and every one of them was hauled over from England.

Don’t miss: The world’s smallest drawbridge; Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the oldest remaining cast iron lighthouses in the world; the quaint Village of Somerset; Horseshoe, Church and Warwick Bays – visit at least one if not all – and, go ahead, wriggle you feet in the rich deep waters of the Sargasso Sea right out there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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