The World ReBooted® / FAQ



Copyright 1857-2013
Seine/Harbour® Productions, LLC
Studio City, California
All rights reserved.

Why were these photographs in Black and White?

Some were taken in Black and White. Some were taken in Color. The photographs were cropped and heavily edited, and appeared here in diminished quality, and in Black and White. In Black and White we see different things than we see in Color. Our editing also will continue to prove our ownership and protect our copyrights when necessary.

Who or what is The World ReBooted®?
The World ReBooted® is what it is. Make of it what you will.

Where do these pictures come from?
The original basis of the The World ReBooted® Archive was a single Collection photographed over the past sixty years. Rights to the Collection were acquired by Seine/Harbour Productions® LLC in 2006. By 2013 the collection now exceeded 340,000 photographs back to the American Civil War and was continuing to grow through regular acquisitions.

What is Seine/Harbour® Productions?
Seine/Harbour® Productions, LLC, is a privately held literary rights company in Los Angeles that acquires and trades literary rights and Internet domains. Our Company was organised in 1991.

When were photographs posted to the The World ReBooted® site?
One new photograph was posted nightly at one minute past Midnight GMT in London from November 2009 to April 2013..

Are The World ReBooted® photographs available for licensing?
Yes. The World, ReBooted® archive is available for licensing. Contact, Seine/Harbour™ Productions, LLC, by writing us privately here or through our web site.

Do you know where visitors to your site are coming from?
Yes. In 2012, we welcomed visitors from 137 countries. During the run of The World ReBooted visitors generally quadrupled year to year.
Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.21.36 PM

The World ReBooted® is a registered world-wide trademark of Seine/Harbour® Productions LLC, Studio City, California and its related Companies. Contents of the The World ReBooted®, including this WordPress Blog, are copyright 2012, Seine/Habour® Productions LLC, Studio City, California, 91604. We welcome visitors and feedback, but we monitor and aggressively pursue all abridgments of our copyrights.

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